The foundations of Omnitrade were laid down in 1951 when the families of Chaoui, Rusheidat and Farwaji represented Roche in Jordan.

The company suffered from the loss of the West bank from Jordan to Israel in 1967 and, in 1971, Farwaji left the group and his shares were bought by Masannat. The company's name became " Chaoui, Rusheidat and Masannat".

Ever since, considerable developments took place including the appointment of Rakan Rusheidat, son of the co-founder in 1993. During this year, the company's name became Omnitrade.

Omnitrade is part of a group of sister companies who represent leading manufacturers, specialized mainly in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and paper. The companies were established several decades ago and are located in four countries: Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq.

The companies are privately owned, and conduct business as agents and/or distributors for the lines of products they represent. They enjoy strong financial assets, well developed human power, and have become throughout the years leaders in their respective fields.